The”s Marketing program may sound similar to some other types of programs other companies have tried to offer, but those platforms fail for many reasons, additionally YOU, the client are stuck in a contractual obligation you cannot get out of. The difference with Live Leads is the fact that you NO LONGER have that legal obligation to stay with a company that does not produce. Why should you? The difference with our’s Marketing platform is the fact that we GUARANTEE the lead volume.


We have implemented this attorney marketing strategy for numerous law firms and it has worked well. Our new objective is to spread the word and help law firms of all sizes grow by investing in a program that is not hit or miss, but the odds of converting leads to clients are pretty high. Your investment in the’s program is truly a calculated risk. We completely remove any obstacles in this program enabling our clients to have success. 

If our clients don’t succeed, we don’t win. It’s that simple. It’s time to stop wasting money on PPC platforms that bleed your bank account dry each month. If you partner with us, you are making the right choice for your law firm because you are hiring an experienced team of legal marketing professionals with a platform that is going to provide you with a calculated investment risk. gives you exactly what you pay for, potential client phone calls. We are very good at what we do when it comes to the Live’s marketing program. We work with law firms of all sizes and practice areas, feel free to contact us any time Monday – Thursday from 8:00AM-5:00PM EST at 786-785-3425 with any questions or email us now. We would love to show you how we can make Live Attorney Leads work for your law office.


Our program consists of many different types of marketing efforts from social media marketing, programmatic marketing, display advertising, mobile marketing, email marketing and many different vendor relationships. Our goal is to deliver high quality leads directly to your office line without the stress and uncertainty of the “what if” factor. When you choose to do business with Live Attorney Leads, you get what you pay for or your money back. 

You don’t pay for traffic, you don’t pay us to email you a lead, you don’t pay for placement on a site, and you surely don’t pay per click. Invest in results and get exactly what you pay for, live real time quality calls. Every law firm needs a good source of leads, let us help you alleviate the stress of marketing efforts and hire the right team.


  1. It’s a calculated risk, you know exactly what you get out of your investment, GUARANTEED phone calls from real potential clients who need your expertise.

  2. No long term commitment, fire us any time 

  3. It’s scalable so you decide how much volume you need whenever you want.

  4. Live call tracking that allows you to monitor and listen to your calls any time you want.

  5. It’s a complete internet marketing solution, so kick back and relax, we got this all you need to do is handle the call volume.

  6. No Guesswork and Wasted Money, you don’t have to worry about trying to do all the pay per click marketing or social media advertising hoping to make a return, it’s part of what we do.

  7. You get instant results

  8. No Empty Promises

  9. Higher return on your investment

  10. Security in knowing what to expect out of your marketing dollars.


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