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All calls are pre-screened and quality checked prior to sending over to each client for a consultation or to begin case review.

We attempt to live transfer every call, however if for some reason we can’t, there is an alternative method of lead delivery.

Once we have screened the call we conference call in directly to your intake team or provide the lead information direct to your intake team.

50% Conversion

These types of cases have a 90% case conversion rate, so as long as they are qualified, and the law firm handles properly, it works.

Our team of digital marketing experts use a wide range of practices to generate 18 wheeler accident injury leads. Social Media and Directory Marketing continues to be a dominant force for our program. Targeting key locations like emergency rooms in all local hospitals in each clients market on social media and marrying that to mobile has yielded excellent results. This program is very new but it is off the ground and running fast. We use a variety of landing pages to achieve the goal of lead generation for your law firm. 


You don’t have to worry about wasting your s or your staff’s time with bad leads or irrelevant calls. Our team takes the call, and pre-screens it to make sure of the following:

  1. It is a valid 18 wheeler accident victim or immediate family member of the accident victim who may be hospitalized. 

  2. We make sure the accident is fairly recent or in the event of a wrongful death claim, it is within the statute of limitations per state law in each law firm’s state.

  3. Our team confirms that they were indeed hit by an 18 wheeler or large commercial truck.

  4. We verify that victims injuries require medical treatment or hospitalization.

  5. Law firm may dispute any lead that they don’t agree with.

  6. Our team will then attempt a warm transfer, in the event the client is unavailable we will schedule an appointment on behalf of the law firm.


Our team will act as an admin on behalf of your law firm in order to find high quality 18 wheeler truck accident leads. This is a quality based lead campaign not quantity. Our minimum order is 2 leads per client. These are statewide campaigns ONLY. If your law firm does not accept statewide 18 wheeler truck accident cases, this program is not for you.


All products and  associated domain names, call tracking numbers are the sole property of LiveAttorneyLeads.com, owned and operated by Legal Fish PR LLC. All leads will be delivered in the form of a phone call, email or text. All leads will be pre-qualified prior to call transfer or exchange of information to the law firm. All leads will be 18 wheeler truck accident victims who were injured by a large commercial truck in a traffic accident. There are no refunds on this product as we will be making a large investment per campaign, however, all campaigns remain active until leads are delivered and client is satisfied. There is no auto billing, and each campaign requires a newly signed agreement. 


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