Tier 1 leads include bankruptcy, family law, divorce, civil law, immigration, foreclosure, estate planning, real estate law, labor & employment law.

Tier 2 leads include criminal law, DUI,  and tax debt leads.

Tier 3 leads include all personal injury, car accidents, pedestrian accidents, wrongful death, motorcycle accident leads, and workers compensation leads.


The cost for internet marketing can be challenging for many law firms considering the expense these days, especially if you are a much smaller law firm and cannot afford to guess what will work for your practice month in and month out. Here is a good look at our Live Attorney Leads pricing which varies based on practice area. We offer simple terms and conditions for your peace of mind. Our main objective is to produce clients for your practice and maintain a long term partnership with your law firm.


All calls delivered will not include any duplicate calls, or solicitor calls as part of the call count. These calls will be tracked by a state of the art tracking system in which each client will have an online user account to access data. No Refunds. Due to the nature of our aggressive program, we cannot refund an account because our platform includes the use of hired professionals, and paid 3rd party services, however we will grant a call credit in the event call volume is not achieved. This is rare but can happen occasionally. In order to properly manage this product call tracking and recording is an absolute necessity in the success of the program. We will be in full control of the marketing platform, ad designs, and creative concepts because we have success doing it our way. A minimum of 10 calls per order will be required regardless of the category you fall under with your practice. All domain names, websites, and call tracking numbers are the sole property of, an End Zone Media company. You may cancel your program at any time granted we have a 7 day notice of cancellation, otherwise we will bill the following month. All clients will be placed on our auto billing system, however your contract status will remain month to month unless a 7 day cancellation notice has been given. A signed contract will be required for any program. All contracts will require a credit card for auto billing and will remain on a month to month billing status. You may increase your budget at any time as long as we have a 7 day notification going into the next billing cycle, otherwise your program will remain as it was the previous month. A credit card will be required for each client's billing. We do not accept checks, we do not provide an invoicing net 30 system, nor do we accept checking accounts for auto billing, however we do allow the use of a business or personal debit card with Visa/Mastercard Logo. We except Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. If for some reason we exceed your ordered call volume, you WILL NOT be charged additional monies for the extra calls delivered.


REFUNDS: Although we do not provide any refunds, our clients may utilize any credit that is owed toward any other service we provide.


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