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Our programs for our clients are fast paced and aggressive. We utilize every aspect of the internet because every little pocket has its value. Our philosophy is to leave no stone unturned as the saying goes.


Making the right choice can be an easy decision when you retain us for all of your legal marketing services. Call us any time for more information at 786-785-3425.  We are open Monday - Thursday from 8:00AM - 5:00PM EST. We can help you understand our programs a little more in depth.


Our programs for our clients are fast paced and aggressive. We utilize every aspect of the internet because every little pocket has its value. Our team implements many different types of strategies to each campaign from social media, email marketing, directory marketing, keyword based domain name websites, PPC, SEO, vendor partnerships and online classified ads. We have fine tuned our program to fit the needs of attorneys specifically. We manually track each and every call as it comes in with the option to record. Each of our clients has access to their own individual reporting which is in real time and up to date 24 hours a day. It's a great way to not only keep us honest but track how your campaign is progressing.

It is important to understand generally how we do things in order to deliver the highest quality leads that turn into clients. All clients are able to purchase lead volume packages in any amount from 10 leads, 25 leads, 50 leads, 100 leads and up. Our system is designed to work and work well. We own and operate hundreds of legal websites that rank well organically and have partnered with some very clever 3rd party vendors to bring you a program that makes the most sense for any attorney looking to grow their law office. Our approach is simple, strategically attack the internet with precision in order to generate loads of traffic that eventually turns into call volume for our clients. We completely absorb any cost per click on your behalf because we have a thorough understanding based on our expertise and experience as to which keywords work and which really don't work at all.

" has not only delivered on what they promise, I highly recommend them."

              -SoCal Law Network


In order to successfully deliver a's based program, it is important to note that we understand the math behind how the internet works and have a system that is set up for success on behalf of our clients. We set up a landing page for each client and only focus on lead volume. These landing pages are well optimized and have excellent keyword placement on the internet. We employ excellent content writers and social media specialists who assist us with increasing the page rank of our many web pages. Once you decide to do business with us, we do the rest and take the guesswork out of trying to make it work on your own. We can GUARANTEE our program will work for you, however when you attempt to do these tasks on your own, the only thing that's guaranteed is the fact that you will get clicks and you will pay for them. 

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