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Over the past year we have been able to see quite a bit of different types of markets throughout the country when it comes for hot markets for attorneys using our platform. We apply our marketing strategies the same way in every market. We attack each market the same and sometimes we find astonishing results in certain hot areas of the country, so we will look at those areas in this article. Chicago Chicago is an interesting market for attorneys, especially personal injury. We probably get 20 leads a day in this market and we currently have plenty of availability in this particular area. Chicago presents many opportunities when it comes to auto accidents, and workers compensation type of leads. If your company is based in Chicago, Illinois you may want to pick up that phone sooner than later. Los Angeles LA County specifically is a huge market for Divorce, Personal Injury, and Criminal defense. Foreclosure law is another very busy heading in LA. Our footprint keeps getting bigger and bigger in LA County, now expanding into Orange County and San Diego. Traffic is very healthy and leads are doing very well here. San Francisco In San Francisco, car accident lawyers love this market, and so do we. We get so many leads in this area for personal injury it’s absolutely insane. It is a very busy market for auto accidents, so attorneys we have leads for you here. Florida We currently work with a law firm that handles State wide personal injury law in this particular state and it is heavy in traffic when it comes to car and motorcycle accidents. It’s not as crazy as Chicago, but there is plenty of opportunity in this market. Baltimore Divorce in this market seems to be very consistent on a day to day basis. Divorce is big in most major cities, however, this is an easy market for our team. New York New York is a unique market all on its own. Most recently we have had a lot of success marketing foreclosure law, real estate law, bankruptcy and divorce. We highly recommend if you are a New York attorney that you contact us quickly. Phoenix Phoenix is an excellent market for bankruptcy, tax law, family law/divorce, and DUI. Arizona has some of the most strict, and they bust people by the dozen here. Las Vegas This is another excellent personal injury market for our team. We deliver leads daily in this market because of the type of traffic this town attracts due to it being the Casino capital.

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