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Hot Markets for Live Attorney Leads Clients

Growing Markets for Attorney Leads Over the past year we have been able to see quite a bit of different types of markets throughout the country when it comes for hot markets for attorneys using our platform. We apply our marketing strategies the same way in every market. We attack each market the same and sometimes we find astonishing results in certain hot areas of the country, so we will look at those areas in this article. Chicago Chicago is an interesting market for attorneys, especially personal injury. We probably get 20 leads a day in this market and we currently have plenty of availability in this particular area. Chicago presents many opportunities when it comes to auto accidents, and

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100 Clients & Counting

It has been 1 year since the launch of our new attorney marketing platform Live Attorney Leads. Since it’s launch, we have signed over 100 clients in the United States to date. Our sales team continue to grow, and our online assets only gain more traffic on a day to day basis. This is the perfect marriage for any size law firm because an attorney no longer needs to worry about competitors, organic placement, pay per click costs, or social media / blogging day to day. Our team makes this program work very simple. You pay us, your phone rings. We have found that in some markets the campaigns may have an initially slow launch, but once the calls start

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Reaching The Stars For Our Clients

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