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This program includes adding up to 30 new followers per month, 3 monthly posts/articles, and 2 ads which include targeting lead form leads.

The Intermediate plan includes adding up to 50 followers on both Facebook and Instagram while targeting new clients in key locations with 5 ads. This includes lead forms, promoted posts, and messenger marketing. We include 7 monthly posts/articles with this plan.

The Superior plan includes everything the Intermediate plan includes, the major difference is that it includes 10 articles/content posts, up to 75 new followers on Facebook and Instagram, we included 7 different ads from post engagements, website clicks campaigns, lead form ads, messenger ads, and video ads.

Why Use Us for Social Media Marketing?

Social media has always been a major part of the success we have at Live Attorney Leads on behalf of our clients, we are just now sharing our secrets with our law firm to increase our brand and loyalty to our client base. These prices are not only amazing, the programs work and work well. This will keep you lead costs down and focus on running your law firm as opposed to trying to get a handle on your social media marketing. 


All social media campaigns have very limited guarantees, however these programs are highly effective. All funds are used to generate user engagement from the social platform, in the event we don't meet the follower guarantee on any given campaign, we will not charge the client to keep the program running until we reach that goal. Additionally, the client may cancel at any given time granted there is a 10 day notice prior to the next billing.

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