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Lower Your Acquisition Costs Per Case

Do you know your client acquisition cost?

If you’re not already tracking this, you should start now! Knowing how much it costs the firm to obtain each client is super important. It might cost X amount of dollars for each lead you are currently buying but do you ever take your conversion rate into mind?

If you only convert 9% of the leads you currently buy, you must still account for the 91% of leads that went out the door. These are still losses and should just be averaged into the leads that actually converted. Using this strategy will allow you to see exactly what your cost per converted lead is.

What if we told you Live Attorney Leads could lower your client acquisition cost while increasing your conversion rate?

Imagine how much your firm would benefit from this. What do you pay per client now? Imagine cutting this back significantly so each lead bought comes with a bit let risk for the firm. Every great business owner loves being efficient. Choosing a Customer Acquisition Company is the first step towards efficiently obtaining new clients

Did you know Live Attorney Leads will increase your conversion rates when they provide you with 100% contactable potential clients? The firm will no longer worry about calling contacts that never answer their phone!

If you decide to choose a Customer Acquisition Company (CAC), the heavy lifting is done. Having a team constantly working towards bringing you the highest quality of clients lets you focus on closing cases.

When you got into the legal field did you imagine you needed to be a professional marketer too?

Obtaining organic leads requires 100s of hours, 1000s of dollars, and endless research on the online marketplace. So, do you really think it makes sense to try and “do it all yourself”?

Live Attorney Leads offers more of a partnership that can be seen as more than just you buying from the company. The goal is to grow your firm. The team will bring you a flow of clients in need of an attorney.

The other option is that you could hire a professional marketer…

You could do this, or avoid paying another salary, and have a professional acquisition team for a fraction of the price. Acquisition teams continually work to bring in a larger client base for your firm.

Using Live Attorney Leads will lower your acquisition cost!!

Do you always plan on paying the same price for the clients you obtain, or do you want to work on lowering that number?

Who wouldn’t want to lower their expense to obtain a customer?!

When you increase your profit margin, your firm will have room to properly grow. Firms usually invest more when they begin lowering their costs. The larger the amount being invested into client acquisition, the higher the sales, revenue, profit, etc…

Live Attorney Leads wants to ask that you do some research and find out what your Customer Acquisition Cost is…

This will tell you exactly what your spending in order to get to your next case. Then, consider the attributes of a great Client Acquisition Company. Make sure they offer a 100% contact rate for their leads.

From here, reach out to Live Attorney Leads and see where they think they could bring your acquisition cost down to...

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