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Are you getting 100% Contact Rate from your MVA lead source?

Do not buy a batch of 30 leads with 7-12 you can’t even get ahold of!!

You should never have to worry about this issue; but we know your frustration..

Did you know there are client acquisition companies that guarantee each and every lead you buy, you will speak with them?

Yes that’s right, Live Attorney Leads offers a 100% contact rate!on Personal Injury Leads!!!

Imagine how much your firm would grow if you could significantly increase the number of people you get on the phone…It will even have a domino effect on your conversion rate!!

Converting a larger number of potential clients is huge for a law firm. Doing this will directly impact your profit margin. Consider being able to spend a similar amount from month to month…

BUT NOW, you’re making a handful more sales each month because of your auto accident lead conversion rates going up..

Our program is designed to not only bring in clients for a law firm, but truly scale the business to its fullest potential.

If you believe in your firm, we believe in you, and want a partnership! Let us show you how far you company can really go. STOP lying stagnate, and get the snowball rolling!!

Why exactly are you looking for more clients?

You probably have some overhead to pay, as well as a desire to grow! How many cases do you currently take on a month?

What if we told you we could double or even triple that number? You might not believe us, but others are…Don’t let your competition gobble up the cases available to your area.

Stop wasting time and money spinning your wheels with lead gen companies... Finding the right Customer Acquisition company will change the ball game entirely…

This way you can do what you do best, and win cases for your clients, while someone else is doing the nitty gritty work of generating leads, contacting leads, getting leads on the phone and transferring calls so you obtain new customers...

Even though nobody wants to hear it, most professional attorneys are not professional digital marketers too. We might be wrong, but why else are you reading this far into a blog about obtaining more customer for your law firm then?

Some of our previous customers rave about the simplicity of our service. We take the focus away from chasing down new clients and allowing you to put it on winning a great case! This increases not only the quality but the output of your firm too!

Look at it this way..

If we can get you a 100% contact rate, meaning every contact given from Live Attorney Leads is able to be reached by your law firm..

The conversion rate could be limitless.. If you can answer the phone, you can convert the potential clients being placed into your hands. It’s truly as easy as that!

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Or are you sick and tired of contact rates falling under 100% of the time?!

Awesome, we have a similar thought when it comes to obtaining more clients. We recommend you stay weary of lead generation companies who do not offer a guaranteed lead contact rate.

Live Attorney Leads is a customer acquisition company ready to take your law firm to its next level of growth!!

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