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Why Pay for Lawyer Leads, If You Don't Answer Your Phone?

This is an extremely important subject when discussing Live Attorney Leads and your law firm. In order for us to best serve your law office, you must help us to help you by doing the simple thing, be available and answer your phone. Many solo practitioners are in and out of court, we understand that, however, your potential client does not. Answering the phone or hiring someone to answer your phone any time a potential lead comes through is essential for the success of your Live Attorney Leads campaign. There are many solutions out there and scheduling services to help you accomplish this simple task. Regardless of your practice area, one must consider the fact that the caller looking for an attorney on the other end has questions, feels an urgent need to consult with a lawyer, and has no prejudice as to who they talk to first.

Attorney Leads

In our experience since launching Live Attorney Leads 2 years ago, we have found that the clients we worked with who never answered the phone, in and out of court, simply wasted their hard earned money, not because the program didn't work, but because their availability was limited. We have seen our fair share of attorneys who neglect to prioritize this simple task miss out on good opportunities, and not get their return. This is something that can be fixed by you, the attorney. On the other hand, there are attorneys who frequently miss live leads that come in, but either they themselves jump on it immediately or they have someone contact them right after the call is missed. That's OK too, if you are going to jump on getting back to those callers and it can work. It is important that for any attorney that is looking to have the attorney internet marketing professionals at Live Attorney Leads launch a campaign on their behalf, that they understand answering the phone is where opportunities are won and lost. In the legal industry, answering the phone can mean landing a case, or missing out completely. Our job stops when the quality lead makes contact, so remember man the phones because we will make your phones ring, that's GUARANTEED.

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