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What is a Quality Live Attorney Lead Call?

What Is A Quality Call for Live Attorney Leads?

Quality Attorney leads

Great Question!! Live Attorney Leads tends to focus on the quality and not necessarily the quantity of calls. There are many legal lead providers that do things much differently from our organization, however, we only focus on each client’s individual results per campaign. Just because your law firm receives a phone call, it doesn’t always mean it’s a good lead. Quality Call Defined When we refer to a quality call for a specific account, we mean it. Let’s use personal injury attorneys as an example, let’s use car accident leads. In a car accident situation for a law firm, there must be proof of liability. This means that the caller who was involved in a car accident must not be at fault, there must be a police report indicating the other party was at fault, and the at fault driver must be insured. Not only must this be the case, but the innocent driver must have suffered an injury of some sort. This is what we call a quality call in the personal injury heading. Length of Call Our business is selling live calls as leads for law firms. So our law firm marketing must be very good. When we look at length of call as an indicator of a quality lead, the phone call must last at least two minutes in length. This is enough time for the call to be qualified and enough time for the potential client to leave a message. It is also enough time to determine if whether or not the caller is a solicitor or simply a junk call. Recorded Calls In the Live Attorney Leads Platform, we track and record each call for quality. Once the potential client calls the number they see online, it instantly routes the call to the designated law firm phone line. Once this happens, the caller information is collected and recording becomes instantly available. These recorded calls can serve as proof of a quality call. These days, law firms can become very busy with day to day operations that something like this is needed to track the success of a marketing campaign.

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