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Paying For AdWords or Live Attorney Leads?

AdWords vs. Live Attorney Leads AdWords can be a challenging marketing platform for any law firm or attorney looking to grow their law office by way of PPC. AdWords is a pay per click marketing platform, so you pay each time someone clicks on your ad which leads them to your website. Remember, just because a person clicks on your ad, that does not mean it will result in anything more such as a phone call or email.

Safe Attorney Marketing Strategies

Price Believe it or not, the price between AdWords and Live Attorney Leads can differ. For example, AdWords varies per click ranging anywhere from $30 - $200 or more depending on your area of practice and keyword selection. Live Attorney Leads offers a fixed flat rate, $99.95, $119.95, and $149.95 depending on your practice area. At least with Live Attorney Leads, you can invest your dollars into an attorney marketing platform that provides a guaranteed result, phone calls. You also know the rates are fixed so they don’t fluctuate. AdWords rates fluctuate on how many people are bidding on specific keywords, and what price they are paying that day. It changes day to day, not to mention that if you don’t watch carefully, you can end up spending thousands of dollars. The Results The results can be very different whereas the typical AdWords investor can count on playing the numbers. This type of marketing campaign relies heavily on traffic in order to get calls into the law firm. The Live Attorney Leads platform is much different. You pay upfront for a lead package, once that lead package is delivered you can renew or discontinue your campaign. The choice is yours. The results you get when you invest in Live Attorney Leads are actual phone calls from potential clients, not marketers, emails or clicks. The Structure The marketing structure is much different when you compare that of AdWords and Live Attorney Leads. Does AdWords work? Yes, if you do it correctly, but at what cost? In our discussions with hundreds of law firms, those that find success are spending $10k or better to get a few cases. Now, does that mean it is profitable? Yes, however if you are a law firm that had to invest $10,000, and you were able to get let’s say 7 cases at $2000, your return would be $14,000. If you spent $2,000 with Live Attorney Leads, you might only get 20 leads, but that’s 20 qualified phone calls. Our lowest conversion rates are 35% for some law firms. That means that of our lowest producing clients, if a law firm invests in a 20 lead package, they are signing up 7 cases. This is also due to the fact that we attract potential clients from multiple avenues, not just Google.

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