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Personal Injury Leads

Leads for personal injury and car accident attorneys are very competitive. If an attorney doesn’t pick up the phone, consider this lead gone. It is very challenging for law firms because of the way the industry works with numerous middlemen, and attorney sharks that the market can seem to get gobbled up fast. Personal injury attorneys must learn how to swim or sink fast if they are just coming into this unique practice area. Attorney Leads Hundreds of law firms practice purchasing leads for car accidents, motorcycle and pedestrian accidents. Typically these leads are by way of an email providing the law firm with a contact name, number and type of accident. The attorney must do the follow up, qualify the lead, and all of the leg work. These leads are expensive, however they are still less than a pay per click campaign. On the flip side of the coin, these leads are sold to more than one law firm, so depending on what time you get the lead and how fast you respond, you can miss out. Pay Per Click Marketing Have you signed up for an AdWords account and checked out the price per click on these types of keywords in your market? Every personal injury attorney should check these keyword rates in their respective markets, the price is heavy, and the only thing guaranteed is that an attorney will pay per click, the price will move up and down, and you pay each time a potential client clicks on your ad. SEO This is one of the most difficult headings to rank well for in any market when it comes to personal injury attorney SEO campaigns. SEO is expensive, especially for attorneys, not to mention personal injury attorneys. Why even play this game when you can buy calls? Social Media Primarily Facebook and LinkedIn are the best avenues for personal injury law firms to market themselves because the traffic is cheap, it’s fast, and over time this can pay off. The challenge is the payoff is uncalculated. It can take months or even a couple of years for these people who have made the decision to like your page or follow you to turn into a client. It’s all chance, and heavily dependent upon chance. That is the chance that any of your followers happen to be involved in an auto accident.

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