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How We Generate Leads for Attorneys

How Do You Generate Leads?

Lawyer Leads- Legal Marketing

We get this question all the time, without putting our trade secrets out there, we will provide a brief overview of how it is achieved. First of all, we have a skilled team of SEO professionals, Social Media Gurus, and Internet Marketing Pros that work day and night to make sure we are delivering good leads to our clients. Partners/ Vendors We work with many partners throughout the U.S. to help us in providing leads to our attorneys. Some of these vendors can be lead providers, directories, website owners, and traffic vendors. Live Attorney Leads only works with some of the brightest online marketing minds. These vendors can include online classified ad vendors, email marketers and other types of companies. Online Assets Our company owns over 1500 keyword based domain names with an in house SEO team that facilitates and creates content, page ranking, and overall traffic flow. We buy these domain names every month so the assets continue to pile up for us to use on behalf of our clients. Our goal is to dominate search engines, social media outlets, video, and leave no stone unturned when it comes to our marketing approach. Pay Per Click This may come as a shock to some of our readers, but we really don’t do too much pay per click. It’s really not needed for what we do. If and when we utilize a PPC campaign it is very minimal. Our focus is on making sure we don’t waste our own dollars, as well as our client’s hard earned money. Social Media Just as we own over 1500 keyword based domain names, we also own and operate a ton of social pages with keyword based landing pages filled with content, page likes, and traffic on a daily basis. This helps us find potential clients each day from our marketing efforts to deliver the best type of lead for our client base.

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