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2 Different Types of Leads We Deliver

Two Types of Leads You Can Expect

Live Attorney Leads Law Firm Marketing

There are two types of leads that you can expect to get when you are on a paid Live Attorney Leads campaign. These two types of live leads are direct client contacts, which is when a potential client calls you direct. The other type of live lead you can get is a lead that is live transferred to your law office from a Live Attorney Leads staff member. In any event, the price is the same, and quality is of the most importance in either case. Direct Calls These types of calls are delivered when a potential client calls the tracking number that they have seen on a website, directory, email or any form of marketing used to promote the law firm in question. Once this potential client calls the number they are instantly routed to the law office. To them, it seems as if they called right into the law office. This is achieved by way of a call tracking number that is used for marketing purposes. Every time this number is dialed, it will show up on a call report with an attached recording of the phone call. Live Call Transfers These types of leads are delivered when one of our staff members responds to an email inquiry, or a potential client calls in our attorney help line looking to speak with a lawyer. Our team will qualify the lead, and proceed to perform a live transfer. Once the attorney or paralegal gets on the phone, we perform a warm transfer introducing the potential client to the law firm representative. These types of leads are currently priced the same as any other lead we provide, however, these types of Live Attorney Leads seem to be much more qualified, and the chances of retaining this type of caller is much higher. Taking advantage of these opportunities is worth any attorney’s while when it comes to adding value to your marketing campaign. Live Attorney Leads is designed to present you with a real opportunity at every corner.

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