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It's Not About Your Competition, It's About You.

Live Attorney Leads, It’s Not About Your Competition, It’s About You

Lead Generation for Attorneys

In a normal internet marketing setting for advertisers, it’s all about placement, traffic, and where you stand versus your competitor. Our approach to Live Attorney leads when it comes to law firm marketing is to focus solely on our clients, not their competition. In fact, when you sign up for Live Attorney Leads, you will be provided with access to one thing, your call tracking campaign page. This call tracking campaign page will require your email and password to log in and see your results or listen to your phone calls.

We eliminate the curiosity of wanting to know where your ads are, how they look, or what sites your law firm will be marketed on, etc. We find that this takes away from allowing the clients to practice law, and go about their business day as usual. When you sign up for Live Attorney Leads, you will only have access to your call dashboard. Our team has proven time and time again that what we do with the Live Attorney Leads platform really does work. You will just have to trust us on that one. Having our clients focus just on their call volume has worked out wonderfully. Our job is to done one thing for lawyers and law firms, and that task is to deliver phone calls, quality phone calls from prospective clients with legal issues. Growing a law firm is a challenging task and we welcome that challenge any time you are ready to give us the opportunity to help you grow. Does traffic and website visits really matter at the end of the day? YES, to an extent. What really matters is the results that you get with your marketing dollars. The professionals at Live Attorney Leads make sure it happens for each and every client. So don’t worry about ad placement or page rankings, or your competitor for that matter. The main focus is your business, your call volume and your bottom line. If your bottom line isn’t doing well, we lose you as a customer, and that is never our intent when it comes to attorney marketing and lead generation for law firms across the country.

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