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Why Pay Per Click? When You Can Pay Per Call?

The cost for attorneys to invest in programs like Google AdWords, or Microsoft advertising is insane! Mircrosoft owns both Yahoo and Bing, the prices aren't too far below Google's not to mention the fact that their traffic simply does not compare. The most expensive form of pay per click marketing happens when you pay for a click that results in zero activity. That's exactly what you are paying for when you are investing in a pay per click marketing campaign, no promises, no guarantee, just a click. Who is to say that your competitor didn't click on your ad or multiple competitors didn't click on that ad that you paid for.

Attorney SEO & Lead Generation

The pay per click marketing programs offered aren't designed to bring opportunity every time someone clicks on your website, they are designed to bring paid visits to your website with the hope of an opportunity. In any law firm, the quality of the lead is extremely important and brings value to the marketing investment. Most small to medium size law firms spend anywhere from $6.000 to $15,000 on their keyword pay per click marketing campaigns. In many of these campaigns, the click to call ratio can vary but is somewhere between 8-10%. So let's say you spent $25,000 (an average of $50 per click) this month on your pay per click campaign and you generated 500 visits, that means and let's assume it's on the high side that you had 10% of those visitors contact you via email or telephone, that means you spent $25,000 for 50 phone calls, and of those phone calls, how many were solicitors or unwanted calls? It makes perfect sense for the search engines but how much sense does that make for your law firm. I'm sure that there is some sort of return on that investment or you wouldn't continue to invest that kind of money. Is that the smartest investment? If you are a small to medium size law firm that size of an investment can break the bank account and it's challenging to continue to payout those kind of ad budgets if you have a couple of bad performing months. The fact is when you get down to the actual of number of real opportunities you are paying for something that just doesn't make sense, however if you spent $5,000 in the Live Attorney Leads platform, you would receive 50 guaranteed calls, from 50 potential clients since solicitors don't count in that program. That's the beauty of investing in a turn key marketing solution like Live Attorney Leads, we deliver results every month. Every call is tracked, recorded for quality, and you have a date/time stamp on each call providing you with detailed information like caller name, caller phone number, and call length.

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