No Long Term Contracts

Our platform eliminates the guesswork form your online advertising campaign.  We absorb the cost per click and eliminate the time and effort it requires for a law firm to have success online. The average cost per click on major search engines can average anywhere from $50-$85 with no guarantee that the click will result in a phone call to your firm!  

Our program helps you get the most for your hard-earned advertising dollar as opposed to allowing the search engine pay-per-click campaigns to bleed your bank account dry without any guarantee that the clicks will turn into a phone call to your firm.  Our internet marketing program provides you with a better ROI as you are generating live calls to generate clients as opposed to clicks that merely increase your website’s traffic.  Traffic does not often necessarily lead to a potential client contacting your firm, despite the fact you are paying for each click!  Thus, why pay-per-click when you can pay per call!?

Why Paying for results pays off

​You already pay for action that lacks results, but try paying for results, now that's a good story.

Why Waste Time And Hard Earned Dollars On Traffic w/No Results?

Our team of internet marketing specialists have worked closely with many different law firms in order to strategically grow their practice by implementing successful online marketing campaigns that work!  We have come up with an excellent platform that not only delivers large volumes of web traffic to an attorney’s website, but more importantly, turn that traffic into a live phone call!  We leave no stone unturned on the internet and utilize everything it has to offer from skilled social media teams, web assets, directories, optimization, landing pages, news websites, classified ads, and strong vendor partnerships. The law firm internet marketing and SEO professionals at our company specialize in attorney online advertising and have created a very successful platform that is designed to provide a GUARANTEE on live-call volume. This call volume does not include solicitor calls or duplicate calls as the live attorney leads are tracked by a state of the art call tracking system that allows us to be certain that you are only paying for actual, live, potential client phone calls. 

This program works extremely well for any area of practice and in any State throughout the U.S.  Our company owns many keyword based websites that rank well on the first page of Google, Yahoo, and Bing. These websites play a key role in our internet marketing program's success.



Why Live Leads Makes Sense

Why does Live Leads make sense as a viable marketing solution for your practice?

How Our Attorney Marketing Program Works

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We Eliminate The Guesswork

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Client Testimonials

Are you tired of signed a contract for SEO work?  After all, when our competitors tie you down to an annual contract, what are you to do if the company is not delivering for you? What is their incentive to work for you when at the end of the day, they have you beholden to a contract.  They are getting their money out of you, regardless!  We are so confident in our program that we do not “lock our clients down,” to a contract for 12 months, 90 or even 60 days. 

Our confidence in our ability to deliver is the reason why our billing requirement is strictly a month-to-month billing program.  We want our clients to remain in complete control of their online marketing campaigns and in control of advertising dollars so they can get out if and when they want.  Our clients have the peace of mind in knowing that they cancel at any time.  Furthermore, billing month-to-month ensures that we continue to work diligently on your advertising campaign without the option or comfort to merely sit back and rely upon a contract.  Be confident you are getting what you pay for in a more flexible and profitable fashion than our competitors!  We feel this is the best way to do business and we put our money where our mouth is, literally, unlike any of our competitors who simply rely upon pinning your firm down with a contract.  We want your business every month and we know the only way to gain your business each month is by delivering you actual warm leads with a phone call guarantee, it's a risk worth taking because it's calculated.


Pay Per Click Costs Extremely High For Attorneys

​Do you know what it costs to buy a pay per click campaign these days for an attorney? Info you need to know.